shrimpy is a service that automatically allocates the optimal portfolio of crypto currencies (after automatic trading).
You can automatically buy and sell crypto currency diversified investments in a balanced portfolio, just like an index investment trust. There is also a function to automatically follow (imitate) the trades of pro trader.

Necessary preparation

・ Account of crypto currency exchanges such as Binance that can be connected from shrimpy (Below explanation is described below on the assumption that you will connect to Binance)
Binance connection API information (I will also briefly explained below)


・You can set your own portfolio ratio of Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin: 25%, Eth: 25%, …) and rebalance your own portfolio according to the present value of each crypto currency
・By using the “Social function”, you can imitate the portfolio ratio of other users who have achieved good results in the past.


Make new account

Visit shrimpy and make account.
Fill the “Name”, “Password”, “Email”, “ReferalCode (no need to change)” and make sign up.

A confirmation email will be sent to the above registered email address, so click the “Confirm My Account” link in the email.
After that, you will be automatically taken to the login screen below, so log in with your email address and password.

Connect to Binance

When you log in, you will first be asked for information to connect to an external crypto exchange.
If the screen below is not displayed, select the Exchange tab in the Setting menu and it will be displayed.
-Exchange: Select Binance or your favorite exchange
-API Key, API Secret: Fill the API information issued from the Binance site by copying and pasting.

In Binance, you can publish API from the API Management tab of the Account menu.
On the screen displayed after pushing the Create API button, you can select the operations that can be performed via the API. It is better from security perspective to leave the defaults and not select the withdrawal operation.

Check the current portfolio

If the connection with Binance is successful, the portfolio of crypto currencies held in Binance will be displayed as shown below.

split the portfolio

If you do not want to automatically buy and sell all your crypto currency assets held in Binance by shrimpy, split the portfolio.
– Press the “Manage Portfolios” button at the top of the Dashboard screen.
– Press the “+ Create Portfolio” button → Portfolio2 will be created.
– Use the “Transfer Fund” button to add assets to Portfolio2. (In the case of the image below, move 20% of BNB)

Automation function

By using the Automation function, you can set the Asset (type of crypto currency) and Index (portfolio allocation ratio of each Asset).

Join the Pro version

・Upgrading to the Pro version is necessary to use the back test (confirmation function when actually operating in the past with that plan after creating a portfolio plan with Automation) and the Social function (function that imitates the trade of pro trader).
・ If you select the Social function, the dialog will appear so press the Upgrade button.

Payment by PayPal or Credit Card is supported.

Imitate the pro member trade by using Social function

Below is top page of social function. It show the result of trade of “Leaders”.

・ Check the performance status and press the Follow button to set which portfolio to apply to. Unfollow when to convert to USDT. In the following cases, the current asset value is $ 365. When the value drops to $ 219, apply to Portfolio 2 and convert everything to USDT.

When you press the start button, Portfolio 2 will be rebalancing automatically.
Originally, Portfolio2 contained only IOST, but when I checked it on Dashboard, I could check the result of rebalancing.

Regularly check

After that, I will manage my investment while deciding whether to rebalance the portfolio while checking regularly.


shrimpy is a service that automatically allocates the optimal portfolio of crypto currencies.
You can automatically buy and sell diversified investments in a balanced crypto currency portfolio as if you were an index investment trust. There is also a function to automatically follow (imitate) the trades of pro trader who made good investment result.
I think that many ordinary people who are not full-time traders buy crypt currencies and leave them, but it is very interesting to manage investment with the same portfolio as trader who have achieved their favorite results.
I will reveal the results of Automation that I followed above in the future.